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Where and how to use an animated book cover design.

If you’re interested in book marketing, you must have seen an animated book cover at least once. Of course, such […]

How to Market a Self-Published Book with a Cover

There’s a major difficulty in marketing self-published books — promoting the written word is hard. Persuading someone to read things […]

Symbolism of typography in cover design. What is the secret?

As a writer, you know the weight of words, how they can affect and shape our imaginations and feelings. In […]

Back Cover Design: Does It Matter?

With the advent of eBooks, back book cover design took a back seat (pun intended). You won’t see many book […]

Premade illustration: a professional illustrated cover for an affordable price

Illustrated book cover design is a dream of many self-published authors, especially sci-fi and fantasy writers. Such covers have character, […]

Fantasy book covers design: trends to follow

We love designing premade fantasy book covers. You can let your imagination go, implement your wildest ideas, have fun with […]

Premade book covers auctions and FCFS: the industry’s best kept secret?

So, premade book covers are the answer for self-published authors who want high-quality design on a budget. But where can […]

Pros and Cons of Premade Book Covers

Book cover designers are privileged to create art for a variety of unique, imaginative worlds. But at the same time, […]