Discreet Cover Design: When It Works


When we talk about book cover design, we often think of something that screams for attention with flashy colors, bold typography, and eye-catching illustrations. But discreet covers can be attention-grabbing too.

Let’s find out when simple designs work better than ornate ones.

What are genres discreet cover design work for?

In fact, minimalist design work effectively for a variety of genres, starting from self-development books to fantasy novels.


This genre often involves simple typography-based covers with bold, attention-grabbing titles. Sometimes the composition is complemented by a small image that symbolizes the main idea and theme of the book.



Colors, symbolic images, and good typography are enough to create a discreet design that will excite readers. It alludes to the terrifying events that take place in the story.

Science fiction

The books of this genre often deal with innovations, the digital world, and space technologies. Science fiction doesn’t have to include a bunch of elements to communicate the right mood.


Minimalism is at the peak of popularity in fantasy book cover design. More and more authors use just beautiful typography and decorative elements to reflect the magical atmosphere of their stories. It’s not very typical for this genre where book covers usually depict attention-grabbing protagonists. However, discreet designs work effectively.


Discreet book covers can be gentle, playful, and romantic. They inspire readers to love and evoke positive emotions. A few flowers and hearts complement the composition.

When should you prefer discreet cover design?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which book design to choose: discreet or ornate.

However, some authors have found a way out of the situation. They order a complex design for the ebook versions while choosing discreet covers for the paperbacks. This trick works superbly for marketing.

If you still can’t decide, there are several reasons why a simple book cover may be a better option.

1. If you like minimalism

Your cover should be something you like and meets your expectations. If it doesn’t please your eyes, what’s the point? Perhaps many ornaments, complex typography, and vivid characters are not your thing.

Book cover design by Getpremades

2. If you want to cultivate intrigue

Many vibrant covers give a clear idea of the main character’s appearance and the setting of the events. Discreet covers often contain only a hint of the book’s plot and theme, leaving readers to guess what exciting events are hidden inside.

Book cover design by Getpremades

3. If you want to stand out in a crowd

In a crowded marketplace filled with vibrant book covers, a simple design can look refreshing and unique. It grabs attention precisely because it doesn’t conform to the norm.

Book cover design by Getpremades

4. If you want your book to look elegant

Discreet cover designs often exude a sense of sophistication and understated beauty, which can contribute to an overall elegant aesthetic. Moreover, a simple cover design can transcend passing trends and stand the test of time.

Book cover design by Getpremades

5. If you want to target a specific audience

While a loud cover may appeal to a broad audience, specific readers can enjoy discreet design. By aligning the book cover with the tone and content of the book, you can attract the readers most likely to appreciate and connect with the story.

Book cover design by Getpremades

Summing up

Discreet cover design proves to be a compelling choice in various genres, from non-fiction to horror. These covers cultivate intrigue by leaving room for readers to imagine and speculate about the story within. 

Ultimately, the choice between a simple or ornate cover design depends on personal preferences, the target audience, and the nature of the book itself.

What do to think about discreet covers? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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