Frequently Asked Questions

Are your book covers exclusive?
All book covers are 100% exclusive and sold only once at a book covers auction or on a first-come-first-served basis.
Can I customize chosen book cover?
Yes. After purchasing the book cover, our designers can add the needed author's name, title, and subtitle on it for free. If you are still in doubt about the title, you can contact us later.
Can I ask for changes on a premade cover?
Minor changes possible free of charge. They include font editing, some color changes (imagery or fonts), small object relocations. Some changes may be chargeable, such as a change in the protagonist's appearance. Please, check all detailes with us before purchasing. Please note that not all changes can be implemented.
Is it possible to continue the series?
Yes. Most of our premade cover designs can be continued as a series. You can order the series as an extra service.
Can I get a back and spine for the chosen cover?
Yes, our designers can do the back and spine of your cover design for a fixed extra fee of 50$.
How do I pay you?
We use 2Checkout payment system to generate invoices for our customers.
What is your returns/refund policy?
Our policy is to sell each cover only once. After the cover is purchased, it is moved out of a sale. No refunds will be given.
What format will my book cover design be produced in?
You get download links for your cover in JPG, PSD files, and 3D model PNG file. If you purchase a print cover design, we will provide it in PDF format.
Who owns the copyright?
Copyright of the cover design belongs to the customer, but Getpremades leaves the right to publish covers in the portfolio on the website and social media. Our designers and illustrators can also use designed book covers as a part of their portfolio.

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