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Character-based vs. Object-based book cover: What type to choose?

Your manuscript is ready, and it’s time to start thinking about a stunning book cover. But it’s easy to get […]

Simple tips to get a marketable book cover

Do you know that the primary book cover’s function is to sell? Of course, writers don’t always think about it. […]

Paranormal romance book cover design: 10 inspiring examples

You are an author of paranormal romance, and your new story is about to get published. However, you are stuck […]

Indie publishing in 2022: How to get started

Do you want to publish a book, but traditional publishers make you wait too long? Then indie publishing is your […]

Where and how to use an animated book cover design.

If you’re interested in book marketing, you must have seen an animated book cover at least once. Of course, such […]

How to Market a Self-Published Book with a Cover

There’s a major difficulty in marketing self-published books — promoting the written word is hard. Persuading someone to read things […]

Symbolism of typography in cover design. What is the secret?

As a writer, you know the weight of words, how they can affect and shape our imaginations and feelings. In […]

Back Cover Design: Does It Matter?

With the advent of eBooks, back book cover design took a back seat (pun intended). You won’t see many book […]