Change the Writing Genre: Pros and Cons


Switching to a new writing genre is an exciting experience. It can become a fresh start or open you up to readers from a new angle.

There are a few reasons why you may want to try something new. For example, it can be your desire to break free from constraints. The more pragmatic reason is that you have failed in the current genre.

Today, we want to explore the advantages and disadvantages of changing the writing genre and how to do it properly.

What are the pros of switching genres?

Switching genres can bring numerous benefits for both aspiring and experienced writers. Let’s discover them in more detail.

1. Creative Exploration 

Such a change allows writers to experiment with different styles, themes, and storytelling techniques. It will enable them to expand their creative horizons and discover their writing interests and strengths.

2. Skill development

This way, writers can develop diverse skills since each genre has its requirements and peculiarities. By switching genres, writers can enhance their writing abilities and become more versatile.

3. Discovering a niche

Trying out different genres can help writers (especially aspiring ones) find their niche or preferred genre. It allows them to explore various options and identify the genre that aligns best with their voice, interests, and storytelling goals.

4. Inspiration

Switching genres can reignite a writer’s passion and motivation. Exploring a new genre brings fresh challenges, ideas, and perspectives. It also can help to overcome writer’s block and start writing.

5. Expansion of readership

Surely, writers can reach new audiences. They can broaden their readership and gain new fans by attracting readers who may not have been interested in their previous genre.

6. Diversification of writing portfolio

It can open up opportunities for publication in different markets, expand their professional network, and increase their chances of securing literary agents or publishing contracts.

7. Fresh perspective

Switching genres can bring fresh air to a writer’s primary genre. Skills and techniques learned in one genre can be transferred and applied creatively in another, resulting in a unique and innovative approach to storytelling.

Thus, switching genres offers many advantages for authors and can significantly boost their careers.

What are the cons of switching genres?

While changing genres as an author can bring benefits, there are also potential drawbacks. What are they?

1. Loss of established readership

It may result in losing a portion of the author’s existing readership. Readers drawn to the author’s previous work may have different interests in the new genre.

2. Difficulty in building a new readership

Entering a new genre means starting from scratch to build a readership. It can be challenging to attract a new audience who may need to become more familiar with the author’s work. It takes time and effort to establish oneself in a new genre.

3. Risk of unsuccessful transition

Not every author succeeds in transitioning to a new genre. The new genre may not suit the author’s writing style. It can lead to negative reviews and poor sales.

However, they say, “No pain, no gain!” So you should decide to make a change after all.

How to change your writing genre successfully?

We have prepared some tips to help you change the genre successfully.

1. Read as much as possible

Immerse yourself in extensive reading and do it as a writer noticing every peculiarity and detail. Dive into your potential new genre and read established classics, unconventional contemporary works, recommendations from friends, and more.

2. Identify your writing strengths

Sometimes, your chosen genre may not effectively showcase your greatest talents. For instance, if you write prose but possess a lyrical and rhythmic style, why not give poetry a chance? Or, if you write romance novels but constantly find yourself engrossed in suspenseful arcs, consider writing some mystery.

3. Remember, you can always return 

What if you change genres and eventually realize you want to abandon your efforts and return to your original genre? Fear not; your endeavors were not in vain! While exploring a different genre, your acquired skills can bring new life into your writing style.

Summing up

Switching genres in writing is a decision that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. It offers many opportunities for growth, skill development, expanded readership, and renewed motivation. But authors should carefully consider the potential challenges and ensure compatibility with the new genre.

Have you ever thought of switching genres or even tried something new? Share your experience in the comments below.

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