7 Ways Indie Authors Can Use AI


Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and its possibilities these days. What if we say that this is a handy tool for indie authors? No, we do not suggest you write an entire book with it, as Ammaar Reshi did.

But let’s look at 7 ways self-published authors can use AI tools, from overcoming writer’s block to character visualization.

1.  Overcome a writer’s block

Writer’s block is something that every author faces sooner or later. However, you should not fear it because there are many ways to overcome it. Today, this is possible, particularly with the help of AI tools.

AI-powered writing generators can provide indie authors with creative prompts to help them overcome writer’s block. Some are AI Writer and Rytr, which generate unique starting sentences based on the user’s input.

2.  Find new ideas for books

Some AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can help you brainstorm new ideas, suggest plot points or character traits, and generate outlines or summaries based on your input.  Using it, you can explore new directions for your writing and get fresh ideas you may not have thought of otherwise.

Finding new ideas is very simple. Just ask the artificial intelligence to generate several ideas according to the genre, settings, and desired parameters.

3.  Visualize characters

While it’s unnecessary to include illustrations in a work of fiction, visualizing characters is a crucial aspect of the writing process. It allows authors to portray characters more vividly and authentically. Even though you may have a general idea of what your characters look like in your mind, using AI tools can help bring them to life with added details that you may not have considered before. 

This can also be an integral step in creating the system of your characters.  Attach an AI-generated photo to each character’s profile.  If your book contains many heroes, this visualization allows you to organize them conveniently.

Additionally, such images can serve as a reference for designing a book cover in the future.

Example of Midjourney art

4  Create story settings

If your story is set in a fictional world, using AI tools can help you create more specific and vivid settings for your scenes.  In addition, visualizing the fictional world through images can make it easier to describe the events in detail and serve as an additional source of inspiration.

By entering a description of the world on the AI platform, you will get a realistic picture with details you haven’t even thought about.  But some of them can become game changers for your story.

5  Make illustration for your story

Using some AI tools, you can create vivid illustrations for your book.  Then, you can train those tools using the images in the drawing style you like the most.

To create an illustration for your story, you need to enter a description of the event or characters.  The more details you give, the better result you will get.  If necessary, you can improve the final image.

Example of Midjourney art

6. Check writing for errors

You likely use various error-checking tools, such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and ProWritingAid. However, you can also check grammar and spelling with ChatGPT.

To do this, ask the AI to check the following text for errors and insert your writing. Next, the platform will suggest improvements or confirm that the text is written without mistakes.

7. Research fast

Preparation and research are essential steps in the book-writing process, regardless of the genre. While Stephen King and Dan Brown’s books may be fictional, their attention to detail and inclusion of factual information adds credibility to their writing.

Traditionally, research can be a time-consuming and laborious task, but with the help of artificial intelligence, you can simplify the process. For instance, you can spend hours determining how the first engine works or what mushrooms are the most dangerous. But ChatGPT will provide you with this information from various sources within seconds.

Summing up

AI tools can be a game-changer for indie authors. From overcoming writer’s block to character visualization and fast research, AI tools can help writers generate new ideas for books and bring their stories to life.

Do you use artificial intelligence during work on your books? Share your experience in the comments.



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