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ARC Team: How to Build and Use for Book Marketing

ARC teams play a crucial role in generating early buzz, garnering reviews, and building anticipation among potential readers. So, if […]

Change the Writing Genre: Pros and Cons

Switching to a new writing genre is an exciting experience. It can become a fresh start or open you up […]

Discreet Cover Design: When It Works

When we talk about book cover design, we often think of something that screams for attention with flashy colors, bold […]

Author Newsletter: Tips and Tricks

An author newsletter is an excellent way to build and maintain relationships with your target audience. Moreover, it is one […]

7 Ways Indie Authors Can Use AI

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and its possibilities these days. What if we say that this is a handy […]

How to Choose a Perfect Premade Book Cover?

You have two ways to choose a premade book cover. The first one is to rely only on your tastes […]

The Perfect Book Title: How to Make It?

Why are some books constantly spoken about while others stay unknown? It is often the book title, which, like the […]

Writer’s Block: How to Keep Writing When You’ve Lost Inspiration

Sooner or later, every fiction and non-fiction author faces writer’s block. This phenomenon prevents finishing your book and makes you […]