How to Choose a Perfect Premade Book Cover?


You have two ways to choose a premade book cover. The first one is to rely only on your tastes and preferences. And the second one is to use our tips to select the cover that will become a powerful marketing tool and attract the target audience.

Are you interested? Let’s get started.

What is an unexpected benefit of premade book covers?

If you have not thought about ready-made book covers before, then you should start because they have many advantages, in particular:

  • Premade book covers are cheaper
  • They look professional and meet the standards of the genre
  • You can immediately imagine what your book will look like.

Also, you can ask for minimal design changes. But do you know about another non-obvious advantage of premade book covers?

They can become a source of inspiration for writing, help to overcome writer’s block, or suggest a plot for the next novel. After all, searching for ideas for your book cover really helps develop your story. That is why it makes sense to look through or even buy premade covers before finishing work on the book.

How to choose a premade book cover?

When you go to the premade book covers store, you will come across a vast number of attractive and eye-catching images. Use the following tips to avoid confusion and precisely choose your novel needs.

1. Consider your book genre

Although ready-made book covers meet the general standards of the genre, you cannot do without preliminary research. You should analyze your competitors’ covers to understand what composition, imagery, and symbols work best for you.

To do this, go to Amazon and select bestselling books in your genre and pay attention to all aspects of the book covers.

As such, you may notice that fantasy book covers often include attributes of magic, magical and mythical creatures, cloaked and hooded characters, mysterious symbols, and magical orbs. And science fiction covers are hard to imagine without space objects, ships, scientific technologies, and the latest weapons.

Premade book covers by Getpremades

2. Select the book cover type

Premade book covers usually involve custom design. These are book covers created using stock photo manipulation, where the images form a strong composition, supplemented with typography and various effects.

Therefore, you most likely will not have to choose a cover style here. However, you can choose whether it will be a character-based or object-based book cover.

On the one hand, we can equally meet both types in different genres. But some work better for some stories and others for others. For example, a character-based book cover is perfect for fantasy books, while object-based ones are good for thrillers or detective stories.

Premade book covers by Getpremades

3. Decide on the mood and emotions the book should evoke

People don’t read books to stay the same people. They want to fall in love, be scared, or be happy with a story. When choosing a book, readers are guided by the desire to receive certain emotions. And what does your book express?

Decide what mood your novel sets as a significant part of the book cover design depends on it.

Color scheme

According to color psychology, each color is responsible for particular feelings. For example, pink means love and romance, red is passion and aggression, and green is about calmness. People associate black with sadness and yellow with joy.

That is why choose a premade cover in the mood tones of your book.

Premade book covers by Getpremades


Fonts can also evoke specific emotional associations. After all, Sans Serif typography is about formality, seriousness, and strictness. At the same time, Serif fonts are about creativity, romance, and informality. Don’t you associate Comic Sans MS with playfulness and mischief? You probably do.

So, look at the premade book cover typography and think about the mood it sets.

Premade book covers by Getpremades

4. Pay attention to imagery

The objects, attributes, and symbols that the reader sees on the book cover have several functions, so carefully consider them on the premade cover to figure out the following:

  • Do they fit the plot of your book directly?
  • Do the objects hint at a hidden meaning?
  • Do they emphasize the genre of your story?
  • Do they evoke the desired emotions and mood?
  • What is missing from the perfect cover?
  • What is redundant?

In addition, evaluate a premade cover as a whole: Does any element stand out from the overall composition? You should also pay attention to the quality of the images used.

Premade book covers by Getpremades

Summing up

Let’s recap how to choose a premade book cover to catch readers’ eye:

  • Analyze your competitors’ book covers
  • Decide between the type of design, in particular object- or character-based cover
  • Decide on the mood and emotions the book should evoke
  • Consider the imagery in detail.

And what are you guided by when choosing a premade book cover? Share your tips in the comments.




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