Book Cover Reveal: When and How to Do It


Seeing your book’s cover for the first time is an exciting moment filled with joy and maybe even disbelief. Why not share that excitement with the world and market your book at the same time? 

A book cover reveal is just for this. Today, we want to share some tips on how to get the most out of this event and warm up your readers before the book’s release.

Why you need the book cover reveal

A cover reveal is a fantastic idea for indie authors because it helps create excitement and buzz around your upcoming book. Here are more reasons for this:

  • It is a launchpad for your marketing campaigns, showing the book’s aesthetic and announcing pre-orders.
  • The cover reveal provides an opportunity to interact with your followers.
  • It is easy to organize and execute.

Thus, the cover reveal is an accessible and effective promotional tool.

Where it’s better to do the cover reveal

Now, let’s determine what platforms you should use for the cover reveal.

First, it’s your social media. Instagram and Facebook are usually places where you have the most active audience. Create a series of posts leading up to the reveal. Start with a teaser about your excitement, and follow up with insights into your initial cover ideas and the desired impact. Then, hint at design elements like colors or imagery before unveiling the cover. 

Second, you can reveal the cover in your newsletter. ​​This method ensures that your most engaged readers see it directly in their inbox. Unlike social media, here, you can elaborate more on the story behind the cover design, offering a deeper connection to the process.

Finally, if you network with bloggers or other indie authors, consider partnering with them to do the reveal. This can extend your reach to their audience, which is likely aligned with your target readers.

When you should do the cover reveal

Obviously, you should do the cover reveal before the book’s release. Here are some tips to help you choose the best time:

  1. Plan ahead – Schedule your cover reveal early, ensuring the design is final to avoid later changes that could confuse readers.
  2. Build momentum – Gradually build anticipation with a series of teaser posts leading up to the reveal.
  3. Choose a significant date – For added impact, align the reveal with a relevant date, like an anniversary related to your book’s theme.

How to do the cover reveal

Before we get to the creative ideas, remember a few more simple rules that will help you get the most out of this promotion:

  • Ensure you have a high-resolution cover reveal image.
  • Include links to pre-orders, your website, and designer or illustrator details to connect with readers.
  • Show excitement and enthusiasm in responses to comments and interact with both loyal and potential new fans.

Now, let’s get to the ideas!

1. Cover sneak peek

Spark curiosity by teasing your cover rather than showing it all at once. Keep your audience engaged and guessing with a sneak peek image, setting the stage for an exciting reveal. This approach maintains interest and anticipation, making the full reveal even more impactful.

2. Giveaway & cover reveal

Enhance your cover reveal by pairing it with a giveaway. People love freebies as much as they love beautiful book covers. Announce your giveaway alongside the cover reveal to boost engagement and spread the word. Offer prizes like books, merch, or exclusive fan interactions. 

Keep entry simple: have participants share your post, follow your page, and then randomly pick a winner.

3. Cover reveal & your book tropes

Book tropes are a quick and easy way to draw attention to a book and let potential readers know if the story will suit their liking. So, why not combine a brief description of your story with a catchy image of your cover reveal? Add arrows to the visual to make it even more attention-grabbing.


4. Thematic photoshoot

A stunning photo shoot is the key to social media engagement. It’s simple yet effective. To succeed, create an atmosphere that matches your book’s mood and highlights the vibe of the cover. This trick draws attention and connects visually with your audience.



5. Cover reveal video

Use a video to show off your book cover! It’s a great way to engage viewers who enjoy visual content. You can add mood-enhancing music, use creative backgrounds, or include a montage of the cover design process. Don’t worry about fancy equipment – a smartphone in good light can capture a compelling video.

For some cover reveal video inspiration, you can check the Instagram pages of an author, Athena Barnim, or a book reviewer, CJ.

To wrap up

A cover reveal is an excellent marketing tool for increasing engagement and boosting book sales from the very start. No matter which approach you take, be sure to announce it multiple times across all your channels, clearly communicate the time and place, and remember to enjoy the process.

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