7 Latest Trends in Fantasy Book Cover Design


The current book market boasts a wide variety of fantasy covers. Therefore, creating a design that will attract the target audience can be challenging. Today, we want to help you create a captivating cover for your magical story. Learn about the seven latest trends in fantasy book cover design and find one that matches your story best.

Trend #1. Floral elements

One of the most enchanting trends in fantasy book cover design is intricate floral elements. These delicate motifs infuse a sense of mystique and magic into the overall images. 

Blooming roses, winding vines, saturated petals, and other botanical elements often weave around the book’s title, creating a captivating atmosphere. This trend transports readers to magical forests and charmed gardens, setting the stage for fantastical adventures.

trends in fantasy cover design trends in fantasy cover design

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #2. Ornate decorations

Elaborate decorative elements, such as ornate frames, intricate borders, and scrollwork, give the cover a sense of elegance and importance. They may incorporate vines, flowers, leaves, or mystical symbols that reflect the book’s themes or setting.

Such decorations also draw readers’ attention to the book’s title. However, it is essential to choose typography carefully, as it should harmonize with the complex decorative patterns around it. 

trends in fantasy cover designtrends in fantasy cover design

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #3 in fantasy cover design. Vector illustrations

These simple graphics allow designers to create visually captivating covers. Eye-catching characters and vibrant decorative elements create a magical atmosphere and evoke feelings of miracles.  

Fantasy book covers often feature bright and saturated color palettes to capture the genre’s essence. Using vector illustration, you can achieve a vibrant design easily.

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #4. Epic scenes

Fantasy books thrive on battles, adventures, challenges, and impressive landscapes. So, it’s an excellent idea to add epic scenes that stretch across the full book covers. 

Such scenes showcase the most intense moments from the story, whether it’s a scary dragon that breathes fire, a sweeping battlefield, or a dynamic magician’s duel. The scale and drama of these illustrations immediately draw readers into the heart of the adventure.

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #5 in fantasy cover design. Character-based covers

Many readers immediately imagine covers with main characters when thinking about fantasy books. And this is not surprising since strong and gorgeous heroes are the heart and soul of such stories.

Character-based covers offer readers a glimpse into the actors who will lead them through the narrative. These covers focus on intricate character portraits, capturing the essence of the protagonist’s personality, and often feature them in action, inviting the audience to join their journey.

trends in fantasy cover design Fantasy cover with black female, trends in fantasy cover design

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #6. Double exposure

This design technique combines multiple images to create a layered and immersive effect. Double exposure allows you to convey the duality of fantasy worlds. This trend adds depth and complexity to the visual storytelling on book covers.

Incorporating silhouettes can be an excellent idea. This way, you can use them to depict the deep inner world of a character or create a portal to a fantasy world

trends in fantasy cover design

Book cover design by Getpremades

Trend #7 in fantasy book cover design. Symbolic objects

Fantasy books often revolve around powerful artifacts, symbols, and talismans. Covers can incorporate symbolic elements to evoke the mystery and intrigue surrounding these objects. 

These may include mysterious pentagrams, ancient scrolls, mystical amulets, glowing crystals, or enchanted weapons. Symbolic objects pique readers’ curiosity and hint at the magical significance within the story

Book cover design by Getpremades

Summing up

You don’t have to follow strict rules when designing a cover for your fantasy story. However, knowing the latest trends in the genre can be a powerful inspiration in this creative process.

What fantasy book cover design trend do you like most of all? Tell us in the comments.




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