ARC Team: How to Build and Use for Book Marketing


ARC teams play a crucial role in generating early buzz, garnering reviews, and building anticipation among potential readers. So, if you’re looking for a way to promote your book, consider contacting such readers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what ARC teams are, how to build one, and how to use them for book marketing success effectively.

What is an ARC team?

ARC teams are groups of enthusiastic readers, fans, or influencers who receive Advance Review Copies of your book before its official release. They read it and give honest reviews. Thus, you get feedback to use for boosting your story on social media or publishing platforms.

Let’s explore a few more advantages of having the ARC team:

  • Generating positive word-of-mouth around the book
  • Editing and making corrections before the official release
  • Building interest in the book among potential readers.

Moreover, positive reviews and buzz from ARCs can lead to increased pre-orders and initial sales, providing a solid start for the book’s commercial success.

How to build your ARC team?

Now let’s learn how to build an effective ARC team if you haven’t done it before.

Identify your target audience

Determine the perfect readership for your book. Look for readers who are interested in your genre and have a significant online presence, such as book bloggers and social media influencers.

Start as early as possible

Building an ARC team takes time, so begin the process well in advance of your book launch. Ideally, you should start reaching out to potential team members at least 3-6 months before your publication date.

Use social media and website

Announce that you’re forming an ARC team on your social media pages. You also can write it in the newsletter. Encourage interested readers to sign up and explain what they can expect by being a part of the team.

Try personal approach

Reach out to people who have shown genuine interest in your work or have engaged with your content in the past. Send them personalized letters to make potential team members feel valued.

Set responsibilities

Create a list of the responsibilities and expectations of Advance Review Copies team members. This includes reading the book promptly, providing honest reviews, and sharing their thoughts on their platforms.

How to use your ARC team for book marketing?

Great! Now you’ve assembled the perfect ARC team, how to use it to promote your book? Let’s find out.

Generate first reviews

As soon as your ARC team receives the copies, encourage them to read the book and post their reviews on platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, blogs, and social media pages. Such positive early reviews will attract more potential readers.

Share user-generated content

UGC is a powerful tool in today’s digital age. Ask your ARC team to create graphics, quotes, or photos related to your book and share them online using special hashtags. This fosters a sense of community around your book.

Cooperate with influencers

If your ARC team includes influencers or popular bloggers, collaborate with them on special features, interviews, or guest posts to widen your reach.

What indie authors have an ARC team?

Honestly, a lot of them! Let’s check some real cases of how famous indie authors gather and cooperate with their ARC teams.

Abbie Emmons, a famous writing coach and author, announced an open call for gathering the Advance Review Copies team for her new book. She uploaded a video and encouraged eager people to apply. You can follow her example to find your ARC readers.

Bethany Atazadeh, another well-known author of young adult fantasy novels, also highlights the importance of having the ARC team. She shared her experience and insights as a guest on the podcast Self-publishing with Dale.

An excellent practice is to create a private Facebook group to communicate with your ARC team. It will be a convenient place to exchange information and share your opinions. Many authors already do it, including Stephanie Archer, Isra Sravenheart, Brittany Kelley, and others.

Summing up

The ARC team can be a game-changer for your book marketing strategy. By building a dedicated group of readers who are passionate about your work, you can create a powerful marketing force that will lead your book to success.


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