Premade book covers auctions and FCFS: the industry’s best kept secret?


So, premade book covers are the answer for self-published authors who want high-quality design on a budget. But where can you get the best premade covers the industry has to offer? Sure, the catalogs of designers are good, but do they contain their most precious gems?  In other words, where can you buy premade covers besides the online shops? Where are all the exclusivesWell, we have good news for you.

Premade book cover auctions 

Ah, the thrill of the auction. Have you ever felt it? 

You notice a piece of art that wins your heart at first glance. You do your bid, and the rush of excitement washes over you —  the art will be yours! But then, a slight sting of disappointment as someone outbids you. Well, you’re not going to give up so easily. You ramp up the price a bit and wait. However, the other participant stands their ground and pushes the price further. So, it goes back and forth until the less determined person gives up.  

It can feel like a nice boxing match, but the money, not fists, does the job. Much safer, yet the thrill is still there. Winning feels good too. 

And just like any established art niche, the premade book covers industry has its auctions

They serve three purposes:

  • Help authors get exclusive premade designs;
  • Allows the participants to have some fun;
  • Allow designers to invest more time in premium book covers.

The last one is of particular interest to you because it means more top-notch covers. 

Usually, premade book cover auctions take place on social media (Facebook groups in particular). For the event, several covers from different genres and in different styles are offered and each is given a certain time limit. 


Here’s how we create premade covers for auctions. 

First things first, all premade book cover designs by Getpremades for auctions are

  • Exclusive;
  • Rely on audience and market research;
  • Follow the standards of the given genre;

A premade book cover starts with authors’ requirements research. We won’t create a cover if there isn’t a demand for it. 

Next, we see what covers readers prefer. We check out best-selling books in the genre among self-published authors and see which covers get the most hype in their respective communities. 

Then, our designers start creating based on the findings. Every element should be on point: typography, colors, art, the composition should suit the genre and the mood of the design. Besides that, designers have two tasks — have some fun and add their unique twist to the cover. 

The process allows us to create premade book covers that appeal to a target audience and help a book shine. 

Auction Covers vs Website Shop Covers

The difference between auction premade covers and catalog covers is that the latter doesn’t have the same rigorous research behind them. 

Often, premade covers for catalogs are creative improvisations, the manifestation of unrealized ideas and new approaches. When creating such covers, designers are free to rely on their experience and artistic instinct.

First Come First Served Premade Book Cover Event

The first come, first served (FCFS) premade book covers event is just what it sounds like — the first person to apply gets the prize. 

Usually, the event happens on social media with authors commenting under the post. For FCFS, the price of the premade cover is predetermined and fixed. The first author to comment gets the cover. In this way, you can see whether the cover has been bought already. 

While auctions are like marathons, FCFSs are like sprints. And your opponents are not your peers but rather your doubts. The author who knows what they want without much consideration has an edge. 

Which is better: auctions or FCFSs? 

The premade covers for auctions and FCFS are of the same quality and created following the same process. 

So, the decision comes down to personal preferences. If you’re more into the thrill of competition, auctions will suit you more. If quick decision-making is your forte — the FCFS event is a great chance to get a gorgeous cover. 


For authors, premade book cover auctions and FCFS events are great for getting exclusive designs and having some fun in the process. For designers, they are an opportunity to invest more time and research in their work.. 

If you want to stay up to date with auctions, FCFS, special offers, and other premade book cover events, join our Facebook group


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